Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Spotify requires a Premium account to stream full length music tracks.
Additional music streaming service integrations are being evaluated and I hope these 2 services can be made available in the future.
Yes! Open the menu and you will find a couple different theme options. The app will remember your selected theme upon reopening later as well.
When you login, your Spotify playlists are populated in the app. Any changes you make in ShoutOutPlay are not synced back to Spotify, however this is under development at the moment. Expect an update over next couple months which provides this feature.
No. Your shoutout recordings are all backed up to a database and will be restored when you reinstall the app and log back into the same account on iOS or Android.
This can occur sometimes if you have the Spotify app installed and it has been running in the background for awhile. Just force quit both apps, ShoutOutPlay and Spotify. Then open ShoutOutPlay and tap to login again. It should succeed this time.
They are recorded as .m4a files on both iOS and Android.
Yes! That would be greatly appreciated. You can send an email to

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